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Bobby Abley's Child Within

LONDON, United Kingdom — Bobby Abley knows how to party. His latest show elaborated on his previous collections in colourful escapist fashion, drawing on childhood cartoons and TV shows that a generation would have had on their plastic lunchbox… The Business of Fashion

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CRITICAL child's hearing test could be developed within five years

As many as seven per cent of children suffer Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), a condition where the brain fails to process sounds properly. Experts hope the new diagnostic method will give clinicians the information they need to help parents and teachers to provide support so victims are not left behind at school or socially. Sufferers of APD, which can affect ...

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REVEALED: This holiday hotspot is SINKING and will have disappeared within 80 years

The Pacific Islands contain some of the famous idyllic holiday destinations chosen by Britons for sun and luxury,  They could also be gone within the next century due to climate change. With sea levels rising dramatically in the past few decades, the islands will suffer the most as they eventually become entirely submerged. Tuvalu could be uninhabitable by 2050, with ...

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EasyJet reveals plans to use ELECTRIC planes for flights from UK within a decade

EasyJet has revealed a new partnership with US firm Wright Electric, that could change the face of aviation.  The UK airline says it could fly electric planes within a decade.  Wright Electric is developing a battery powered aircraft for flights under two hours duration.  EasyJet wants to fly these planes on short-haul routes within 10 to 20 years. Popular journeys ...

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Eye infections could be detected within minutes by new microchip

The prototype device is able to measure the properties of a single bacteria such as E.coli and pseudomonas at high speed, removing the need to grow cultures in the laboratory or use antibiotic sensitive testing which can take between 48 hours and two weeks to provide results. Engineers have been working alongside ophthalmologists at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust ...

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SANFIC: ‘Penal Cordillera,’ ‘Los Colonos,’ ‘The Monster Within’ Make Santiago Lab Forum Cut

Felipe Carmona’s “Penal Cordillera,” Felipe Galvez’s “Los Colonos” and Rodrigo Susarte’s “The Monster Within” are three of the 20 fiction feature projects which will be pitched at next week’s Santiago Lab in Chile, the Santiago Intl. Film Festival’s major industry forum for feature film projects. In a major departure, for the first time, the Lab has opened up from just ...

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