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’We’re Going to Need More Wine’: 7 Revelations from Gabrielle Union’s Memoir

1. Her name isn’t Gabrielle Union. Well, technically her name is Gabrielle Union, but friends and family call her “Nickie,” a shortened version of her middle name, Monique.  2. Dwyane Wade isn’t the first basketball star to catch her eye. Long before Wade came into the picture, Union had another basketball star on her arm: Jason Kidd. The two dated when ...

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Things to do in Venice AWAY from tourist crowds: Cicchetti, wine and Ristorante Sempione

Venice is a brightly-coloured, sparkling jewel in Italy’s crown. The city has a population of 264,000 residents and an eye-watering 20 million visitors a year.  But it’s not just the quaint canals and incredible food that draws in the crowds – and that’s certainly not all you should do if you’re planning a trip to the city.  By all means ...

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Drinking wine lightly when pregnant is ‘not harmful’, experts claim

Government recommendations that women should stop drinking altogether in pregnancy was based on “generally weak” and “limited” evidence, claim Bristol University scientists.  However, they advise expectant mothers to avoid alcohol “just in case” as there was a small risk of having an underweight or premature baby linked to drinking four units a week, or 32g of alcohol, or about two ...

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