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SHOCK pictures resurface of BA pilot SUCKED out of a plane window during flight

A British Airways pilot was sucked out of a broken window in the cockpit of an aeroplane whilst flying for British Airways 27 years ago.  Pictures have resurfaced online bringing the story into the limelight once again.  A report into the incident revealed the window was fitted incorrectly after maintenance used the wrong screws to install it, which caused it ...

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Sparks' Ron and Russell Mael recall getting booted from the Riot Hyatt on Sunset — for throwing a bagel out the window

The avant-pop band Sparks has been making curiously brilliant music for over four decades, and for a lot of that time they’ve done so in proximity to Sunset Boulevard. Founded by brothers Ron and Russell Mael, who were raised in Pacific Palisades, the band earned early attention for gigs at the Whisky a Go Go, and learned the ropes by ...

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