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Stomach bloating: 99p plant juice could boost digestion and stop trapped wind

Stomach bloating has affected most people at some point in their lifetime, according to the NHS. It can feel like the tummy is stretched, puffy, and generally uncomfortable. If you have a bloated stomach, you could reduce swelling by drinking aloe vera juice, a nutritionist has claimed. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and laxative properties, which coul… Daily Express :: Health ...

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Stomach bloating – a cup of this tea could reduce constipation pain and trapped wind

Bloating is often caused by eating too much food, or by swallowing air, according to the NHS. Being bloated may feel like your tummy is stretched or uncomfortable. You could relieve your bloating pain by drinking camomile tea, revealed personal trainer Maeve Madden. It could help to relax the body’s muscles, while also helping you to get a good night&rsquo… ...

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Karine Polwart – A Pocket Of Wind Resistance review: Beautiful and brilliant

But Stirlingshire-born Polwart is one of modern folk music’s most formidable talents. Working with a subtle and highly imaginative sound designer, Pippa Murphy, and taking as her inspiration the miraculous teamwork of migrating geese, she has built a cycle of song, chant and spoken word that explores, in almost microscopic detail, how we all depend on each other. Recently showcased ...

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