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8 Hacks to Keep Your White Sneakers Clean

It’s beyond clear at this point—fashion girls are obsessed with white sneakers. But one infrequently discussed aspect of these trendy wardrobe staples is just how one is supposed to keep them so white; after all, one quick trip to the coffee shop could result in a number of mud-, dirt-, or oil-centric disasters. Yet celebrities, bloggers, fashion editors, and everyone ...

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Atlanta Has Perfected the Lame White Millennial

In the first episode of Atlanta, Donald Glover’s brilliant comedy introduced a lame radio bro named Lucas whose misguided attempt at being a white ally involved telling a shitty anecdote about Flo Rida and casually using the N-word in front of Earn. Though that particular guy never returned in Season One, the interaction established the lens through which Atlanta would ...

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You won’t believe how much Ivanka Trump’s coat for Donald’s White House meeting cost

Ivanka Trump, 36, was pictured with her husband Jared Kushner, both dressed in sombre colours. The wife and husband duo both work as senior advisers for Ivanka’s father Donald Trump. Today they listened in as President Trump held a cabinet meeting at the White House. Ivanka, a mother-of-three, looked ready for business in a black suit. Her jacket was embellished ...

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Hope Hicks Said Her White House Goodbyes on 'SNL'

Cecily Strong’s Hope Hicks bid farewell to the White House on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, stopping by the show’s Weekend Update segment. Strong read a statement to all her friends from her “semester abroad at the White House” as Vitamin C’s Graduation (Friends Forever) played in … Entertainment – Esquire

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