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What's Coming To PlayStation Plus In December

Let’s just kick things off with the list. Here’s the main event for PlayStation Plus in December. Games will be available starting next Tuesday, Dec. 5, through the first Tuesday in January. If you’re a member of PlayStation Plus, you can download each game onto its home console at no additional cost on top of your annual subscription. We’ll talk ...

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What's the Song of Autumn 2017?

Earlier this week, we established two simple, irrefutable facts: 1. that there is such a thing as an Autumn Song: jangly, aching music that pairs nicely with chilly afternoons, broken hearts, and warm beverages, and 2. that they are the best. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Now that we’re all on the same page, we must go the extra … ...

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What's Up With Father Gabriel On The Walking Dead?

On the flip side, in which Gabriel is indeed sick, the dude looked miserable for the entire episode, and was sweating to the point where he might die of dehydration at any given moment. Plus, whenever he and Negan were going through the big walker herd outside, they were alarmingly haphazard about protecting themselves from all the walkers behind them. ...

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