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Why The Letter A Is So Important On The Walking Dead

But wait, what would that mean for Rick’s current situation as a possible prisoner of Jadis and her junkyard dawgs? Would this somehow indicate that Jadis was part of the Terminus group at some point? Considering we never got a full head-count of everyone involved, it’s definitely possible that some of them survived Team Family’s slaughtering and then eventually set ...

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‘Walking Dead’ Recap: Rick, Carl Seek New Allies (SPOILERS)

SPOILER ALERT: Do not keep reading if you have not seen Season 8, Episode 6 of “The Walking Dead,” titled “The King, the Widow, and Rick” “The Walking Dead” jumped between around between several members of the Alexandria-Hilltop-Kingdom coalition this week. Some of the storylines explored this week were definitely more compelling than others, with the episode as a whole ...

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The Walking Dead Just Revealed The Big Fear The Walking Dead Crossover Character

Aside from this huge reveal, there have been other crossovers within The Walking Dead universe’s other media formats, most interestingly within Telltale’s video game series, which started off with a set of characters that were completely independent from the comics and TV show. I seem to recall crossover talks similarly being squashed whenever the first (and possibly second) game came ...

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When Walking Dead Fans Will Learn Who The Fear The Walking Dead Crossover Character Will Be

Another very popular theory is that the character will be everyone’s favorite red head Abraham. While Abraham met the pointy end of Lucille during Season 7’s premiere episode, he could still show up in Fear The Walking Dead due to the spinoff’s time setting. It looks like Madison and her group are headed to Houston, which is where Abraham was ...

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What's Up With Father Gabriel On The Walking Dead?

On the flip side, in which Gabriel is indeed sick, the dude looked miserable for the entire episode, and was sweating to the point where he might die of dehydration at any given moment. Plus, whenever he and Negan were going through the big walker herd outside, they were alarmingly haphazard about protecting themselves from all the walkers behind them. ...

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