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Wait, Cloverfield 4 Has Already Been Filmed?

As was previously revealed, Overlord follows two American paratroopers who are dropped behind enemy lines in Normandy on the eve of D-Day to carry out a mission that is vital to the invasion. However, the soldiers soon learn that the Nazis occupying the the village are harnessing supernatural forces. The main cast includes Wyatt Russell, Jovan Apdeo, Iain de Caestecker, ...

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Kevin Can Wait Found the Perfect Replacement for Donna

Folks, I’m here to tell you that this week’s episode of Kevin Can Wait istitled “Kevin Can Date.” I’m extremely into this. I’d like to suggest some other possible episode titles in this naming convention: “Kevin Can Procreate,” “Kevin Can Conjugate,” “Kevin Can Translate,” “Kevin Can Sedate,” “Kevin Can Debate,” “Kevin Can Conflate,” “Kevin Can Mate,” “Kevin Can Bait.” Advertisement ...

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Wait, Could Arrow Bring Back The Huntress In Season 6?

Arrow kicked off the second half of Season 6 with an episode that finally revealed just how terrifying a team of supervillains can be in Star City. The combined forces of Cayden James, Black Siren, Vigilante, Richard Dragon, and Anatoly Knyazev made some big moves on the city, and the timing could not be worse for the good guys. Team ...

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Kevin Can Wait Just Provided Clear Evidence of Its King of Queens Connection

While traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday,s I became enamored with a new-to-me podcast called Till Death Do Us Blart. Hosted by Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy along with Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery, the comedians watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 every year and release a podcast annually on Thanksgiving delving into the intricacies of the Kevin James masterpiece. I’ve ...

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Wait, Did Outlander Just Reveal Claire Will Travel Through Time Again In Season 3?

Fans will likely remember that “Abandawe” was first mentioned on Outlander earlier in Season 3, when purported seer Margaret Campbell told Claire that “Abundawe will devour” her. At the time, it was not clear just what Abundawe was or when it would come into play on Outlander. Father Fogden described what he knew of the place in “Uncharted,” saying this ...

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