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'The Good Doctor' Star Nicholas Gonzalez on Why the Show Is Connecting With Viewers (Exclusive)

ET: Why is The Good Doctor connecting with audiences? Nicholas Gonzalez: Autism hits so many people. This isn’t a side character. This isn’t comic relief, where we bring someone in and tease their malady. This is a very heartfelt, very honest portrayal of one person who happens to be on the spectrum — not trying to represent everybody in any ...

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Google Maps viewers spot THIS terrifying scene on Street View – but all is NOT as it seems

Google Maps viewers discovered an extremely bizarre sight on the streets of Norway.  The Street View image showed a road lined with cars in the middle of Bergen, Hordaland, in the country’s southwest.  But right in the middle of the road were two people who looked very out of place.  Both men were wearing full scuba suits, complete with flippers, ...

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Google Maps Street View hides THIS baffling sight that has viewers divided

Google Maps Street View has unearthed some questionably images in the years since the service began.  One image captured in Japan has its viewers divided. Some found the sight creepy while some thought it was hilarious, and others found it downright bizarre.  The image was captured at Mitaka Station in Musashino, Tokyo.  Street View cameras showed a sidewalk, flanked by ...

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'Is it a strip club or a fashion show?' Viewers baffled by near-naked pole-dancing models

The leggy models made sure to make a memorable appearance at the Minimale Animale Swim show during Miami Swim Week recently. Instead of treading the line with a classic runway strut, the bevy of near-naked beauties mixed things up mid-catwalk with a spot of pole dancing. Models – many flashing the flesh in thongs and sheer tops – entered the ...

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