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Google Maps Street View captures ‘UFO landing site’ – but actually hides this secret

Google Maps Street View can often hide many baffling secrets around the world. It can also amuse when finding the funny antics of people who love to be on the 360-degree camera. Eagle-eyed viewers have also spotted something very confusing in Poland. Many think it could confirm that aliens exist. Spotted in Krakow, Poland, a huge base with round domed ...

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Google Maps: ALIEN sighting on street view footage – but it’s STRANGER than you think

Google Maps is well known for revealing parts of the world that may go unnoticed.  In the past, it has shown us strange occurrences in different countries, like a group of Japanese citizens dressed in pigeons hats.  However, this newly unveiled image is something even more bizarre. The image depicts an alien sitting in broad daylight on a chair – ...

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Google Maps Street View captures THIS odd vehicle on the road – but is it all as it seems?

Google Maps often catches the weirdest sights around the globe. Invented in 2005, it was created by Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen, two Danish brothers in the hope that it would open up the world to everyone. Whilst an amazing invention, the Google cars can also catch often capture some very confusing images that make no sense. One such image ...

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