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Diabetes drug 'could be used to end agony of transplant rejection'

Drugs currently used have a number of side effects, including leaving patients at greater risk of infections and cancer, because they are unable to specifically target the area of the immune system responsible for organ rejection. In breakthrough research funded by British Heart Foundation experts found the enzyme glucokinase increases the movement of a cells into human organs.  Once inside ...

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Fake Skin Care Ads That Used Kim Kardashian, Dr. Oz and More Shut Down, Defendants Ordered to Pay $6.4 Million

The Federal Trade Commission has taken action against a vast network of internet marketers who misled consumers. According to a statement obtained by ET from the FTC, three men — Richard Fowler, Ryan Fowler and Nathan Martinez — were allegedly behind the scam, which deceived consumers into believing they were ordering “free trials” of skincare products and dietary supplements. These men control 19 companies, ...

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Can Marvel's ultra-violent character 'The Punisher' be used to understand trauma victims?

Days before New York Comic Con’s sneak peek of “The Punisher,” Marvel and Netflixdecided to pull their next collaboration out of the convention entirely. The plan had been to simulcast the first two installments of the 13-episode series for fans all the way from the Nuit Noire (Black Night) event in Paris. But in the wake of the Las Vegas ...

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