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Dementia diet: Drinking THIS unlikely JUICE could slow symptoms of brain decline

Dementia is a growing concern in the UK where rates are set to soar to a million by 2025. Previous research has suggested that eating a diet rich in oily fish and mushrooms could help ward off the condition that triggers debilitating symptoms such as memory loss, difficulty with language and problems thinking. However, beetroot juice has been singled out ...

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Cancer warning: These FIVE unlikely household items could be raising YOUR risk of symptoms

Cancer kills approximately 20,000 people a day around the world, and many cases are preventable. According to the World Health Organization, the majority of cancer deaths are caused by lung, breast, bowel, stomach and liver types. Smoking, obesity and drinking too much alcohol are all known to increase your risk of cancer. However, certain unlikely and seemingly harmless household items ...

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Blood pressure news: Common medication for relieving symptoms has THIS other unlikely use

A common blood pressure drug may not only relieve symptoms of the deadly condition, but also help speed up healing of wounds. Researchers of the study, published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, have discovered that when a gel made from the medication was applied to chronic wounds it helped them heal faster.  Chronic wounds are defined as skin injuries ...

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