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Cancer symptoms: These THREE types are on the rise – do YOU know the signs?

Thanks to advances in research, more Britons are beating cancer than ever before. In the last four decades survival has doubled, according to Cancer Research UK. While people are being effectively treated of their cancer and living longer, cancer rates are increasing. Currently half of people will still be diagnosed with the condition at some point in their life. There ...

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Cancer warning: THESE three types are most common in the UK – what are their symptoms?

Each year cancer kills around 160,000 people in the UK. According to Cancer Research UK, the disease accounts for one in four of all deaths. Fortunately, a 2014 study found that mortality rates for some of the most common types – including breast, prostate and lung cancers – had fallen. This had been attributed to improvements in early detection and ...

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Blood cancer warning: Only a third of people in UK know THESE three common deadly types

Someone is diagnosed with blood cancer in the UK every 14 minutes. There are over a hundred different types that currently affect around 230,000 individuals. However, less than a third of people know the most common forms of blood cancer, including lymphoma and multiple myeloma. In fact, one in three blood cancer patients had never heard of their specific type ...

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Bacterial infection warning: Do YOU know the symptoms of these five serious types?

There are trillions of different types of bacteria on the planet, but one group in particular can cause a number of nasty infections. The streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria has more than 90 different strains, according to the NHS. It causes pneumococcal infections which can vary in severity. Common symptoms of all include a high temperature, aches and pains, and a headache. ...

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