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A farewell concert for 03 Greedo? While the courts decide, fans turn out for a big night of L.A. rap

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Dozens of rap fans mulled around the outside the Globe Theatre in downtown L.A. for a little longer than they might have otherwise on a very early Saturday. Inside, they’d just seen what might be one of the last local concerts for years by rising L.A. hip-hip artist 03 Greedo, who faces a potential… … ...

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5 Things You Must Know About Health Insurance Before You Turn 26

If you thought your college capstone project was intense, get ready for something a lot more confusing. Meet health insurance: the complicated maze of contradictions, exclusions and exceptions that is about to become yours. Happy upcoming 26th birthday! Until you turn 26, there’s a good chance you may still be covered under your parents’ health insurance plan. The Affordable Care Act ...

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