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Dementia news: THIS type of brain training has been found to REDUCE risk of symptoms

Dementia is most likely in those who are older, with most people diagnosed over the age of 65. Other risk factors of the increasingly prevalent condition – which will see a million sufferers by 2025 – include lack of exercise, smoking and poor diet. However, new research released today has shown that computerised brain training could lower the likelihood of ...

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Focus: Caliber 3: Anti-Terror Training Camp as Israel’s Newest Tourist Spot

There is a lot of reasons travelers choose Israel as their next destination. It may be to strengthen their religion, learn the culture, visit the Dead Sea, enjoy the nightlife in Tel Aviv, or witness beautiful landscapes. Whatever your reason for checking the next Tel Aviv flights, you probably don’t want to miss the next big tourist attractions of the ...

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Israel to offer anti-terrorism experience with training camps in bizarre tourist drive

The ‘anti-terrorism’ or ‘defence’ training camps for tourists could offer a new experience for travellers when in the country. The Israeli Ministry of Tourism (IMOT) is working with Indian travel agencies to create the bizarre tourist attraction. It is certainly a contentious topic, especially in light of the heightened fear surrounding certain countries that Britons frequently visit. Israel is just ...

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