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The First Trailer For George R.R. Martin's Horror Sci-Fi Is Creepy As Hell

On Thursday night at Comic-Con, SYFY network shared the first full trailer for Nightflyers, the new series based on George R.R. Martin’s novella, which the author has described as “Psycho in space.” And that’s certainly a fitting description for Nightflyers, which is based on Martin’s 1980 sci-fi horror book that follows eight scientists and a telepath on a mission to ...

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Robin's Titans Trailer F-Bomb Ties Back To The Comics

In case you haven’t watched the awesome trailer for Titans yet (which is a situation you really should remedy soon), the F-bomb in question happens right after Robin has taken on a gang of baddies in a dark alley one night. Before the fight begins, one of the criminals asks a waiting Robin, “Where’s Batman?” and, after Robin easily beats ...

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