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'Heathers' TV Reboot Trailer Features Shannen Doherty in This Decidedly Modern Take on the Dark Teen Comedy

Heathers is back — but “The Heathers” look a little different in this TV reboot. The Paramount Network on Thursday released a full, red band trailer for the long-awaited television reboot of the cult classic Heathers — gleefully dripping with millennial attitude and featuring a decidedly more modern take on life in hi… News

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IT's Honest Trailer Tears Into The Movies '80s Nostalgia

In the end, however, IT is just a really great movie, something which the Honest Trailer ultimately admits. It far exceeded expectations at the box office, which officially greenlit the sequel, that will see all of the characters back, but played as adults. The film is set for release in 2019 which means it will likely begin filming later this ...

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First Trailer For HBO's Fahrenheit 451 Is Super Intense, Check It Out

Fahrenheit 451 is set in a dystopian future where history and books are outlawed. Guy Montag works as a firefighter. Instead of putting out fires, however, he’s called to start them, burning contraband books and knowledge. The written word is considered illegal and mass media is the sole source of information, causing society to grow complacent… CinemaBlend Latest Content

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