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Cruise holidays: Don’t get caught out by THIS easy mistake to prevent huge charges onboard

Cruise holidays are continuing to rise in popularity with UK travellers who want to see the world without booking lots of flights. The ease of travel can often come at a steep cost, thanks to the luxury of three-course meals and amazing amenities onboard the ship. While many trips are all-inclusive, this sometimes doesn’t include everything onboard, leaving holidaymakers with ...

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We need more diversity in film criticism, but 'Who is this movie for?' is the wrong question to ask

Her main argument — that she wanted to hear what female critics, especially female critics of color, had to say about a movie featuring a black biracial teenage girl — is one that no reasonable person would take issue with. There are some, of course, who refuse to grasp that criticism is a gloriously subjective activity, and that personal experience ...

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Spain named best value destination for sun and beach holidays – where to go this summer

Spain remains to be one of the best value holiday destinations for Britons this summer. The country, which welcomes 12 million Britons every year, also offers the cheapest trips when it comes to some sun and some sea. Spain has a variety of beautiful destinations such as Barcelona, Majorca and Ibiza being well-liked by travellers. On The Beach has revealed ...

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