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Meryl Streep Says She's Dealt With 'Real Physical Violence' Twice in Her Life — and One Time, Cher Was There

In addition to celebrating female journalists, Streep has also thrown her support behind the women accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and/or assault. Last month, she released a statement that addressed her relationship with the former movie mogul, but also praised his accusers for their courage to come forward with their stories. “The disgraceful news about Harvey Weinstein has appalled ...

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Jeff Sessions Says There Is ‘No Reason to Doubt’ Roy Moore’s Accusers

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Jeff Sessions told a House committee on Tuesday that he has “no reason to doubt” the women who have accused Roy Moore, running for Sessions’ old Senate seat, of pursuing sexual relations with them when they were teenagers. “I have no reason to doubt these young women,” Sessions said, but declined to comment on whether M… ...

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Social Goods | Agency Denies Model Died From Overworking, Why Aren't There More Black Designers?

Chinese Agency Denies Overwork Led to Young Model’s Death(The Guardian)“The Chinese agency representing a 14-year-old Russian model Vlada Dzyuba who died after Shanghai fashion week has denied allegations that she was overworked and exhausted. The teenager, who despite her age was allowed to model under Chinese law, … The Business of Fashion

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'Novitiate' Review: And Then There Were Nuns in Stirring, Soulful Convent Drama

Don’t mess with Melissa Leo. As Novitiate‘s Reverend Mother Marie St. Claire, the boss lady who calls the shots at the fictional Tennessee convent where this religious drama is based, the actress gives the kind of bravura performance that not only sparks Oscar talk but richly deserves it. She finds the tyrant in this woman of God without neglecting her ...

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Al Gore Addresses Trump’s Climate Stance at Morelia: ‘I Thought There Was a Chance He Would Come to His Senses’

There is never a shortage of celebrity in Morelia. The festival attracts the best and brightest from Mexico, Latin America and indeed the rest of the world. But it’s something special when the festival gets to play host to a guest as unique and influential as a former Vice President of the United States like it did Saturday night with Al Gore. ...

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Miranda Lambert Says There Are '3 M's' of Importance in Her Life — and Men Are Not Included

As for her music, Lambert addresses the disparity she sees when it comes to how much radio play women musicians get as opposed to men. “It’s B.S., straight up!” she declares. “Carrie Underwood still struggles, and that just blows my mind because she’s got a million hits and she’s Carrie Freakin’ Underwood.” The two-time GRAMMY winner continues, “I tell them ...

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