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12 Solid Alternatives To Liquid Toiletries That'll Make It Through TSA

To take the stress out of packing, we’ve found non-liquid alternatives to your everyday toiletries. Shampoo bars, solid face washes, toothpaste tablets and even toner sticks are solid alternatives that’ll make it through security without ending up at the bottom of a bin.  Below, 12 solid alternatives to your favorite liquid toiletries:  HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made ...

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8 Affordable Wellness Retreats That'll Leave You Rejuvenated

Vacations should be stress-free, but that doesn’t mean they always are. With the intense planning beforehand and chock-full itinerary once you’re there, vacations sometimes turn into the exact opposite of what your escape needed to be. A wellness retreat might be on your next travel forecast if you’re looking for a trip that’s all about relaxation from start to… Travel – Top ...

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