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Mariah Carey on Time's Up for the Music Industry: 'I Think I Need to Be a Consultant on That' (Exclusive)

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Mariah Carey is ready for Time’s Up to come to the music industry. The singer wore all black along with almost every other woman on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, where she told ET’s Carly Steel about the need for change across the board. “Of course it’s important for me to support the ...

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EXCLUSIVE: Donald Glover on Possibly Directing a 'Star Wars' Movie: 'I Don't Know If I'm Ready for That'

“I’m never done with music, but I like walking away from things just to let them breathe,” he explained of possibly retiring his Childish Gambino moniker. “I don’t wanna be forced to make anything, ’cause I feel like once you get forced to make something, it turns out really bad.” “I don’t feel like I have to make Atlanta, I ...

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