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Google Maps: Pile of BODIES dumped on rubbish bin in terrifying footage

Google Maps is a useful tool for those looking to get to know a neighbourhood. However, in this case, users may wish it didn’t work so well – revealing the terrifying possibility of deadly crime. Viewed from afar, this rubbish bin scene looks relatively normal: simply a pile of overflowing litter. However, up close, it resembles something more spooky altogether: ...

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A Quiet Place Looks Like a Terrifying and Innovative Silent Horror Film

The horror genre has seen some of film’s greatest experiments. Horror often offers film directors to chance to bend the rules and break the norms of narrative craft. You can have a claustrophobic thriller taking place within a wide, expansive setting (such as Jaws and Alien). You can create a deadly, unknowable monster that changes its identity, rendering it completely ...

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WATCH: Terrifying moment man is almost struck by LIGHTNING during impressive thunderstorm

Lightning storms can be a terrifying experience. Whilst dangerous, those who stay away from open areas or metal conductors can usually find themselves out of the way of harm. One person filmed a heart-stopping thunderstorm from a flat, appearing to think he was safe being inside a building. What happens next proves he was incorrect. The video shows the person ...

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