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New Investigation Opened Into Death of Radiohead’s Drum Tech in 2012 Stage Collapse

Radiohead have spoken out about a new investigation into the stage collapse that killed the band’s drum tech Scott Johnson more than five years ago. Radiohead had been quietly working with Johnson’s parents and British lawmakers to push Canadian authorities toward action, and now the chief coroner of Ontario is launching an inquest into what caused Johnson’s death ahead of ...

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Tech That Helps Seniors Maintain Independence

One of the scariest moments in a person’s life is the loss of independence. From the moment we leave home to strike out on our own, we are the masters of our own destiny. By the time we reach 40, we have made a life for ourselves with our own families and traditions. The family home is a part of ...

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20th Century Fox Tech Exec Exits to Create Site For Reporting Sexual Harassment, Bias

With the recent tidal wave of stories about sexual misconduct in Hollywood and other industries, Claire Schmidt is leaving 20th Century Fox to try to do something to address the problem. Schmidt, who joined 20th Century Fox as VP of technology and innovation just eight months ago, has started a new venture that will let people anonymously report incidences of ...

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Tech Video Blogger Robert Scoble Responds to Sexual Harassment Allegations, Provokes Backlash

Tech video blogger and Silicon Valley celebrity Robert Scoble took to his blog Wednesday to respond to allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him in recent weeks, attacking both his accusers as well as media outlets reporting on the case. He did so “to set at least some of the record straight,” and to “address the issue head on with ...

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