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Paris Jackson Shows Off Chest Tattoos In New Topless Pic

Her account is rife with bonfires, flowers, peace signs, and tie-dyed tapestries. Paris Jackson urges her followers to “give peace a chance,” and she shares pictures of Buddhas, crosses, Egyptian deities, poems, and tarot cards. And of course, there are the random topless photos she tosses in for good meas… CinemaBlend Latest Content

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Paris Jackson Goes Topless to Show Off New Tattoos: Pics

Paris Jackson isn’t afraid to show off her body art. The 19-year-old went topless to display her newest tattoo, a series of chakras going down the middle of her chest. Though she is facing the camera, she kept the photo relatively tame, strategically using flower emojis to cover more sensitive areas.  Let’s block ads! (Why?) … Full Text Feed

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