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New study shows taurine supplements may improve performance recovery

New research recently published in the Antioxidants journal, suggests taurine supplementation taken after exercise, may help improve the rate of muscle recovery. The study, carried out by exercise science PhD student Yanita McLeay, involved testing ten healthy males in Palmerston North, between July and October 2016. Ms McLeay says taurine, a powerful endogenous antioxidant (generated within cells of the human body), has ...

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Best arthritis supplements: £8 capsules could help joint pain and inflammation

Ginger supplements are available over the counter in pharmacies. The capsules could reduce pain in arthritis patients, and improve osteoarthritis symptoms overall, according to studies. Extracts of ginger can lower the amount of inflammatory chemicals the body makes, scientists have claimed. It can also promote the production of salicylic acid in the body, which eases

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Best natural supplements: THESE herbs could help fatigue, diabetes, stress and cholesterol

We are well-acquainted with the likes of vitamin D, iron and magnesium, but there’s a new group of supplements on the block – adaptogens. Derived from herbs and roots, they are natural compounds said to have a range of health benefits. These include reduced stress and less fatigue – and there is evidence that they could also help symptoms of ...

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