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Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley On Making Fun Of The Strokes For ‘Still Waiting’

Do you remember way back in the fall of 2002 when Sum 41 officially changed their name to The Sums? No? Well, true, that never actually happened. But after the band released its “Still Waiting” music video, some fans really thought it did. “Yeah, people believed that for a while,” singer and songwriter Deryck Whibley told MTV News recently. It ...

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How to live longer: THIS supplement for under £5 protects from heart attacks and strokes 

Magnesium deficiency causes tiredness, muscle cramps, anxiety and depression. About 14 per cent of people aren’t getting enough magnesium, according to the National Diet and Nutrition survey. But, the mineral has been hailed as nature’s original ‘chill pill’, and could help you to live longer. Between 375mg and 400mg of magnesium daily is the perfect amount to gain all of ...

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