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Prediabetes symptoms: Condition on the rise could lead to DEADLY stroke – do you have it?

Prediabetes – or borderline diabetes – is a condition where blood glucose levels are higher than normal, but they haven’t yet reached a point where they are could be classed as diabetes. According to Diabetes UK, there are an estimated seven million people in the UK who have it. The condition is on the rise, with rates in England alone ...

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Health warning: Two fizzy drinks a week increases heart disease, diabetes and stroke risk

Researchers uncovered evidence to prove a positive association between sugary drinks and weight gain, plus the eventual risk of developing metabolic syndrome – a cluster of risk factors that raise the chances of developing heart problems and diabetes. The study suggests drinking two sugar-sweetened drinks a week increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes. One is enough to raise blood ...

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Potassium health benefits: Eating THESE foods can help prevent heart attack or stroke

Scientists have discovered that a diet low in potassium leads to stiffened arteries compared with normal levels of dietary potassium.A diet high in potassium-rich foods – such as broccoli, parsnips and brussels sprouts, pulses, nuts and seeds, fish, beef and poultry – alleviates hardening and stiffening of blood vessels. The findings by University of Alabama researchers could see those at ...

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Aspirin withdrawal linked to increased risk of heart attack and stroke

Scientists found the body can suffer a “rebound effect” following a sudden withdrawal – causing clots in vessels that supply the heart or brain. The study shows how suddenly stopping the blood-thinning medication raises the risk of patients suffering a heart attack or stroke by 37 per cent. Up to half of those prescribed aspirin take it upon themselves to ...

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