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If you missed shows like 'Schitt's Creek' and 'The Detour' in the Peak TV deluge, those and more are back, and still good

“The Detour,” whose third year on TBS also began in late January, hits some similar points. Created by star Jason Jones with wife and fellow “Daily Show” alum Samantha Bee, it too concerns a family, the Parkers, displaced this season to a strange place, small-town Alaska, on the run from the United States Postal Inspection Service – or, to be ...

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John Carpenter Could Still Direct More Movies

John Carpenter has never stopped working, but these days his focus has been on things other than directing, the job which made his name. He hasn’t directed a movie in almost 10 years. In fact, Carpenter had previously stated that he might be finished with film directing. However, now the man behind Halloween and Escape from New York says that, ...

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Monse Is Still Rolling

NEW YORK, United States — How does a brand with “zero heritage” interpret a decade like the 1950s? That’s the challenge Monse designers Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia set for themselves when developing Autumn/Winter 2018, a sharp-edged lineup of Frankenstein trench-coat-blazer hybrids, bi-colour “half-and-half” furs and plenty of novelty motifs, from trousers stamped with “Monse International” to a silk dress ...

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With Deadpool 2 Reshoots, Josh Brolin And Ryan Reynolds Are Still Trolling Each Other

Hopefully the hilarious social media dynamic between the two actors extends to their onscreen personas. The trailer for Deadpool 2 already teases a contentious relationship between the two characters, with the no-nonsense Cable being forced to deal with the perpetually jokey Wade Wilson. This odd couple pairing is what makes all of the best buddy cop type films work, and ...

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Will Smith Impersonating Jaden Rapping Proves Parents Still Don’t Understand

Who better to imitate Jaden Smith‘s unique rapping than the man who helped birth him? Yesterday (February 7), Will Smith proved he still has the rapping spirit as he remade his son’s “Icon” video. Decked out in bleached hair, what looks like a gold spray-painted chain, and some grills that are reminiscent of the aluminum foil ones made in school cafeterias,… ...

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Donald Glover Is Still Retiring Childish Gambino But He’s Making Another Project Right Now

NewsWritten by Sam Murphy on January 30, 2018 Donald Glover has reiterated that he plans to retire Childish Gambino after the next album. Glover took home the Best R&B Performance Grammy for ‘Redbone’ at this year’s awards and was asked after whether he stands by his comments that the next album will be the last Childish Gambino album. “I’m really ...

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