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Green Day Have Dropped A New Song & Hilarious Video Starring Alien Donald Trump

NewsWritten by Emmy Mack on November 18, 2017 Nothing like a bit of new Green Day to kickstart your weekend! The legendary punk trio have dropped a brand new song dubbed ‘Back In The USA’ and it comes packing a hilarious old school 1950’s style music video starring US President Donald Trump as a horrifying alien (which isn’t that different from ...

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TV Review: ‘Marvel’s The Punisher,’ Starring Jon Bernthal

The MarvelNetflix shows, at their most successful, follow a cookie-cutter format: An individual, a representative of a marginalized group, is both burdened and blessed with extraordinary ability. The 13-episode season becomes a bildungsroman for the superhero: Flashbacks, context, and of course, the inescapable threads tying Matt Murdock, a blind man. Jessica Jones, a rape surv… Variety

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Apparently There's Another Thor: Ragnarok Short Film Starring Jeff Goldblum

Just like the Team Thor shorts, we can reasonably assume that this Grandmaster short film isn’t legitimately canon within the MCU. After all, why would that character want to hang out in an Australian neighborhood when he has an entire planet to keep him entertained? But from a purely comedic standpoint, seeing the colorful Elder of the Universe doing mundane ...

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Tidal X Concert, Starring Jay-Z and Jennifer Lopez, Raises $3.7 Million for Natural Disaster Relief

Tidal X: Brooklyn, the third annual charity concert from the Jay-Z-owned streaming platform, raised $ 3.7 million in support of those affected by recent natural disasters, including Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria and the earthquakes that took place in Mexico. Funds will be distributed among organizations including Empire State Relief and Recovery Effort for Puerto Rico, Global Giving, All ...

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Wheelman Trailer: Netflix's New Movie Starring Frank Grillo Is Full Of Guns And Driving

The action of Wheelman begins where most heist films start: Grillo’s titular character is on a job ferrying two thieves to a bank robbery, his skills being counted on for a successful job. But mid-heist, a strange voice calls our protagonist with a simple ultimatum: Leave the thieves, and follow his instructions, otherwise he and his family will suffer. Naturally, ...

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