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Diabetes: This 85p spice could REVERSE type 2 diabetes

It is estimated that more than one in 17 people in the UK has diabetes, many of which are undiagnosed. Around 90 percent of sufferers have type 2 diabetes, which occurs when the body is not making enough insulin, or the insulin it is making is not being used properly. Type 2 diabetes is largely caused by lifestyle factors such ...

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Spice Girls slammed by Craig David ‘They can't just come back and throw on a little dress’

The singer, who is himself something of a comeback star, said at The Global Awards earlier this week that he is cynical about he chances of the quintet doing anything on-stage together. “It’s a funny one,” he told MailOnline. “I mean Spice Girls as a group embodied girl power. I think they’ve grown into women now. “It’s like trying to ...

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