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What The Southwest Flight Can Teach Us About Oxygen Masks

Photos and video footage from Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 indicate that many passengers were not wearing their oxygen masks properly ― a problem that suggests a real lack of airplane safety knowledge among fliers. On Tuesday, the Southwest plane had to make an emergency landing after an engine explosion caused a window to break. One passenger, later identified as 

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Landing from hell as Southwest Airline passengers scream and cry fearing the end

Southwest Airline passengers aboard the flight 3461 had the fright of their lives while the pilot struggled to land the plane is stormy weather. The terrifying incident took place on Saturday night as the scheduled flight took off from Fort Lauderdale heading to New Orleans. Passengers on board were screaming, vomiting, crying and sending farewells to… Daily Express :: Travel ...

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Critic’s Notebook: South by Southwest Music Festival: 17 Acts That Stood Out

LUCY ROSE This singer dared to perform quietly at SXSW, radiating solace and benevolence in her gauzy, luminous voice. She’s an English songwriter who gained some American listeners with choruses for the rapper Logic. She sang about regretful leave-takings and the possibilities of tender reunions over undulating piano chords or unobtrusive guitar; there were echoes of Feist and Joni Mitchell, ...

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