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Send in the Clowns : The Comedy Store keeps the laughs coming as it celebrates its 20th birthday with some of the comedians who got their start there

“There are comics that she claims to have created,” said Mark Lonow, a co-owner of the Improv. “We could say that without the Improv in New York City, Robert Klein would never have become a comic. But if Robert Klein wanted to be a comic badly enough, he would have found a bar with a table to stand on. To ...

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Why Do Some People Need More Sleep Than Others?

Some people seemingly can’t get enough z’s. They might sleep for hours on end and still feel exhausted while others around them are waking up refreshed. Getting extended hours of shut-eye seems like a gift rather than a curse, but there are some caveats. Sleeping in on a Saturday morning is an indulgence. Regularly sleepi… Health

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