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How Justice League Sets Up The Aquaman Solo Movie

Mera starts by acknowledging that Arthur is not only part of some pretty important lineage, but has been away from Atlantis for a good amount of time. Referring to him as neither Arthur nor Aquaman, Mera instead addresses him as the “first son of Queen Atlanna,” surprised by his return and throwing an “At last…” at him. Unfortunately, the aquatic ...

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7 Reasons Why Japan Is Amazing For Solo Female Travelers

When choosing a suitable destination to travel to as a solo female, Japan may not be the first place that springs to mind, and that isn’t for any derogatory reason, but simply because there is not enough information out there about precisely how female friendly Japan actually is. Solo female travelers, particularly first timers or relatively inexperienced travelers may opt ...

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Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien Recording New Solo Album

Ed O’Brien has begun recording his debut solo album. In a new interview with Esquire, the Radiohead guitarist reveals he’s working with producers Flood and Catherine Marks on the LP. During a three-week recording period, he enlisted band-members Omar Hakim (who drummed on Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”) and Nathan East, with the Invisible’s Dave Okumu on lead guitar. “The idea is ...

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What Wonder Woman Has Been Doing Between Her Solo Movie And Justice League, According To Gal Gadot

Regarding what Wonder Woman was doing between 1918 and 2016, Justice League doesn’t really fill in any gaps – but that’s because that task will probably go to a different project. Specifically, Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 2. Following the insane success of this past summer’s solo movie, Warner Bros. has set the sequel for December 13, 2019, and it’s been ...

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