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Diabetes type 2 symptoms – five signs you could have high blood sugar and should see a GP

Diabetes type 2 is caused by the pancreas not producing enough of the hormone insulin, according to the NHS. Without enough insulin, the body struggles to convert sugar in the blood into useable energy. You should see a GP if you’re worried that you may have diabetes, the NHS urges. Early diagnosis could make treatment much easier in the future. ...

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The Simple Packing Trick Everyone Should Know

Now that you’ve booked the flight to your next destination, the last thing on your pre-vacation to-do list is to start packing. Of course, fitting every article of clothing deserving of an Instagram into a suitcase can be a heavy feat to overcome, but not when you roll your clothes. We’re all about packing light with a

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If You Buy One Thing in March, It Should Be This

Great news: Spring is right around the corner. (Along with blooming flowers, warmer temperatures, and longer days.) With all that new spring energy in the air, you might start to feel like your wardrobe is in need of a bit of a boost. As you start switching out your heavy coats for lightweight jackets and swap out your turtlenecks for tanks, try ...

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