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REVEALED: Cruise worker CONFIRMS this creepy secret about the ship

Cruise ships harbour many secrets that passengers may not be aware of. Crew members have previously revealed some scandalous secrets regarding the goings on between workers and passengers on the ship. It has recently been revealed that they are also able to travel using a secret method. The creepy reveal is sure to surprise frequent cruise travellers. According to James ...

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Cruise news: How to find the SECRET deck on your ship

Cruise ships can often be a maze, with the largest ones capable of carrying thousands of people. So it comes as no surprise that there are secret areas, unknown the vast majority of passengers on board. One of these areas is a “secret deck”, which is generally quiet and unoccupied.  Passengers looking for peace and quiet, but tired of their ...

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Cruise news: Virgin Voyages launch adult ONLY cruise ship to set sail in 2020

Cruise liner Virgin Voyages is to launch its first ship in 2020, as an adult only holiday. With the fleet being called “Lady Ships” a play on “your ladyship”, three ships will be launched as a new, deluxe cruise liner. Breaking with tradition, they call all passengers “sailors” who can explore the “sea terraces” (balconies). It will set sail in ...

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Nintendo Is Planning To Ship A Lot Of Switch Consoles Next Year

Apple’s big smartphone line required the exact same parts as the Nintendo Switch, which resulted in the Switch parts suppliers being stretched thin when it came to NAND chips. Nintendo and Apple battled for the parts, but suppliers gave preference to Apple, which resulted in the Switch’s distribution supply being disrupted greatly. Let’s block ads! (Why?) … CinemaBlend Latest Content

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Kate Winslet Shares Steamy Kiss With Allison Janney at Hollywood Film Awards, Gives Fans New Pair to Ship

Attention shippers! Two kickass women have created a new pairing to worship – Kate Winslet and Allison Janney (Wanney? Jinslet?). This unlikely duo locked lips at the 2017 Hollywood Film Awards on Sunday night after Winslet fangirled over Janney while accepting an award. “Allison Janney is in this room – Allison, I know I don’t really know you, but I ...

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