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How the critically-maligned Netflix film 'The Kissing Booth' became a pop culture sensation

A year ago, this would have never happened to him — certainly not in America, anyway. Not long ago, he was an aspiring actor living in Brisbane, Australia, whose biggest role to date was playing an uncredited marine in the fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. Before “The Kissing Booth” hit Netflix this spring, he had 15,000 followers on Instagram. ...

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Alex Rodriguez Loses Baseball Competition to a 22-Month-Old Viral Sensation: Watch the Cute Clip!

Some fierce competition! Alex Rodriguez met his match on Tuesday night, facing off against 22-month-old Asher Willig. Asher became a viral sensation when his dad posted a video of him hitting ball after ball online. So the former New York Yankees star challenged Asher to a soft toss hitting competition on The Tonight Show. Host Jimmy Fallon made things a ...

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