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Is Destiny 2 Not Giving You As Much XP As It Seems?

While estimates and guesswork might work for some people, others needed hard graphs to showcase what was actually lost during the grind. Eurogamer links to the graph that EnergiserX put together based on values calculated by the Destiny tool, DIM, where it clearly shows that over the course of three and a half hours, the more grinding done to earn ...

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Google Maps Street View captures THIS odd vehicle on the road – but is it all as it seems?

Google Maps often catches the weirdest sights around the globe. Invented in 2005, it was created by Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen, two Danish brothers in the hope that it would open up the world to everyone. Whilst an amazing invention, the Google cars can also catch often capture some very confusing images that make no sense. One such image ...

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Prisoner posts amusing TripAdvisor review of jail cell – but is it all as it seems?

A prisoner appeared to write the amusing TripAdvisor review from when he served time there. Based at the South Yorkshire Police station, he seems to have been locked up due to knife crime. Giving the Shepcote Lane Custody Suite a measly half mark out of five, the comical reviewer, named Matte Chete states: “An all-inclusive hotel in a central location, ...

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A New Eminem Song Seems Imminent And Here’s Proof

We are in the midst of Slim Shady season. On Wednesday afternoon (November 8), Eminem took to Twitter to tease what looks like the title of his first single since 2013. Scrawled on a piece of prescription paper are the phrases “Walk on Water” and “Take as needed.” The doctor’s note also leads to a phone number and website — 1-833-2GET-REV and ...

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Michael Jackson, Halloween icon? His estate seems to think so

Since its premiere in 1983, it’s hard to think about Halloween without Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” The creepy send-up of 1950s B-movie horror films, in which the singer morphs into a werecat and a zombie, has long been a fixture this time of year. It’s likely that your local costume store carries some version of the iconic red leather ensemble Jackson ...

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