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'Springsteen on Broadway' flips the script on a concert, but lacks the rock 'n' roll sense of community

Bruce Springsteen opens his new Broadway show with some terrifically unnecessary advice — namely, an accounting of some of the attributes you might find helpful “if you ever come face to face with 80,000 screaming rock ’n’ roll fans.” The singer drew from real-life experience, of course, in compiling his list, which includes natural ability, study of craft and “a ...

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From Script to Screen: How 'The Blacklist' Turned to a Fan Favorite to Ramp Up the Funny (Exclusive)

The scenes you remember from your favorite television shows don’t often start out that way. From conception to the page to the small screen, changes are made for creative, budgetary and/or time constraints that you’re often not aware of. In the From Script to Screen series, we break down a pivotal scene from the current TV season with the people ...

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The New Potato Flips the Script on Digital Media Model

NEW YORK, United States — Four-year-old lifestyle website The New Potato has relaunched with a site redesign and a new business model that is something of a reversal on the traditional digital media strategy. From Monday, just one long-read “feature presentation” will be published each day, with the emphasis on quality content, as opposed to numerous click-focused, fast-turnaround pieces. The goal, according to sisters and co-founders ...

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