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Marilyn Manson’s Ex-Bandmate Says Kurt Cobain Should ‘Burn In Hell’ For Being A ‘F****** Thief’

NewsWritten by Emmy Mack on November 22, 2017 Former Marilyn Manson band member Stephen Bier has once again flapped his gums and controversy has come spilling out. Bier AKA Madonna Wayne Gacy AKA Pogo — who manned the keys for Manson between 1989 and 2007 — has this time taken a swipe at late grunge legend, Kurt Cobain. He’s accused the ...

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Bryan Cranston Says He Was in Charles Manson’s ‘Grasp’ as a Kid in Scary Tweet

Manson orchestrated several murders in 1969 after Cranston’s alleged encounter with him, including the killing of the then-pregnant Sharon Tate. “I said a prayer, shed a tear, stuck a flower under my cross in my bedroom and emailed Roman [Polanski],” Sharon’s sister, Debra Tate, told New York Daily News. Polanski was married to Shar… Full Text Feed

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