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Russia vs. Spain World Cup Live Stream: How to Watch

July 1, 2018 5:00AM PT Russia has beat the odds thus far in the tournament with a record of two wins to one loss, but Spain’s undefeated standing and all-star lineup may be the end for the home team. Who will win comes down to a battle of the home advantage versus the previously victorious Spanish offensive line. Russia will ...

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Why Russia Loves Counterfeit Fashion

MOSCOW, Russia — For decades, Western brands, products and culture at large have fascinated many Russians. The Soviet Union’s isolation from the rest of the world for 69 years naturally resulted in a scarcity of Western consumer goods that, to an extent, lasts to this day. Products were “made even harder to come by as non-communist media was censored and ...

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RUSSIA: Grand tours and revolutionary art

Our desire to discover showpieces such as The Hermitage and its sensational art collection in St Petersburg or mingle in Moscow’s mighty Red Square is leading to sell-out tours (see below the sensational highlights included in Travelsphere and Just You’s escorted trips). But for extraordinary insights into the controversial times and artistic innovations that followed under Communism and after the ...

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