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Saoirse Ronan and Ian McEwan reunite for tragic romance 'On Chesil Beach'

[unable to retrieve full-text content] “On Chesil Beach” is a beautifully made film that is as difficult to write about as it is to watch, and it is inescapably hard to watch. Yet the reasons it is difficult — a completely heartbreaking story brought to exquisite life via immaculate writing, directing and acting — are why it’s worth… … ENTERTAINMENT ...

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'The Seagull' Review: Chekhov Classic Takes Flight Courtesy of Saoirse Ronan

It’s doubtful that all the comic-book noise at the multiplex is making you long for Chekhov, but hey: Here’s the Russian playwright anyway! And unlike Sidney Lumet’s misbegotten 1968 film version of The Seagull, this new take on the 1896 theatrical milestone gets the casting right; ditto the tone of comedy running right up against tragedy until something breaks.  Director ...

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Ronan Farrow Never Considered Backing Off His Harvey Weinstein Investigation

Ronan Farrow spent nearly a year investigating Harvey Weinstein, patiently gathering evidence of his innumerable abuses and eventually running afoul of the now-disgraced producer’s intimidation machine. But if you ask him, he’s just “a conduit.” The real heroes, the journalist says, are the silence breakers who spoke up at tremendous personal risk. “What I went through was nothing compared to ...

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