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Secrets of longevity protein revealed in new study

Named after the Greek goddess who spun the thread of life, Klotho proteins play an important role in the regulation of longevity and metabolism. In a recent Yale-led study, researchers revealed the three-dimensional structure of one of these proteins, beta-Klotho, illuminating its intricate mechanism and therapeutic potential. The study findings, published in Nature, could have … Geriatrics and Aging –

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ROCK N ROLL UNSEEN: Unearthed photos of biggest names in music revealed for first time

Hundreds of film negatives capturing some of the music world’s best known superstars while they were still in their fresh-faced youth were discovered by a renowned photographer who had taken the long-forgotten black and white snaps while working as a trainee at the start of his career. The photographs include an iconic image of a youthful Jimi Hendrix in his ...

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Dementia news: Six ‘GOLDEN’ rules to reduce risk of developing the condition REVEALED

Taking regular exercise, eating healthily, keeping your brain active, reducing alcohol intake, giving up smoking and booking frequent check-ups with your family doctor can preserve mental function into old age, say experts.  Dr James Pickett, head of research at Alzheimer’s Society, said: “It is key we all remember these golden rules and make them part of day-to-day life.  “Although there ...

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