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Diabetes diet cure REVEALED: Snacking on THIS food could REDUCE severity of symptoms

Diabetes affects 415 million adults worldwide, including 4.5 million in the UK. Symptoms include feeling thirsty, tired, needing to go to the toilet often and having blurry vision. However, adding a popular snack to your diet could help reduce their severity. Recent research has found almonds could help sufferers of type 2 – which accounts for 90 per cent of ...

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REVEALED: This holiday hotspot is SINKING and will have disappeared within 80 years

The Pacific Islands contain some of the famous idyllic holiday destinations chosen by Britons for sun and luxury,  They could also be gone within the next century due to climate change. With sea levels rising dramatically in the past few decades, the islands will suffer the most as they eventually become entirely submerged. Tuvalu could be uninhabitable by 2050, with ...

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MAPPED: Most dangerous countries REVEALED – check the risks of YOUR next holiday

Safe holiday destinations are at the forefront of every traveller’s mind with terror attacks across the globe attracting worldwide attention.  Security issues, particular at popular British tourist destinations like France, Spain and the US, can be worrying for holidaymakers.  Almost two in three global business leaders believe travelling has become more dangerous in the last year. The risk for Britons ...

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Victoria’s Secret: Richest EVER Angel revealed – can YOU guess who is worth the most?

Victoria’s Secret will be hosting their hotly anticipated catwalk show in Shanghai, China this month. Models such as Alessandra Ambrosia and Candice Swanepoel will take to the runway in their skimpiest lingerie. The brand has made superstars of models who have walked for them over the years, including Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum. But which of the many household names ...

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