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Carrie Underwood will reveal her NEW FACE this Sunday FIVE months after terrible accident

She is one of the biggest star in American Country Music and has huge crossover pop success. She is the most successful winner of American Idol ever. She is also a classical All-American blonde beauty whose face graced billboards, record and magazine covers and the insatiable social media. A terrible freak accident changed all that five months ago.&nb… Daily Express ...

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Did Gotham Finally Reveal The Identity Of The Joker?

Anyway, after fisticuffs between Jim and Harvey and most of Jerome’s Legion of Horribles, the brothers faced off. Jerome indeed dropped the immortal Killing Joke-esque line about “one bad day” and promised to drive Xander crazy before killing him. In their face-off, Jerome revealed that Xander had claimed that Jerome tried to kill him as kids,… CinemaBlend Latest Content

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