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How to reduce high blood pressure: THESE drugs could help REDUCE reading

High blood pressure affects 16 million people in the UK, but currently not all drugs to treat the condition are effective. However, new research has revealed that a group of cancer drugs, currently being tested in clinical trials. could effectively control it. A study by Georgetown University showed that drugs designed to stop cancer growth may also help regulate blood ...

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Asthma symptoms: TREES could help to reduce DEADLY attacks in polluted cities

The most polluted urban areas in the UK had less hospital visits for asthma attacks when there were lots of trees in their neighbourhood, according to a University of Exeter study. Respiratory health could be improved by planting more trees in the most polluted parts of the country, the researchers said. Planting just three extra trees in the equivalent space ...

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Dementia news: THIS type of brain training has been found to REDUCE risk of symptoms

Dementia is most likely in those who are older, with most people diagnosed over the age of 65. Other risk factors of the increasingly prevalent condition – which will see a million sufferers by 2025 – include lack of exercise, smoking and poor diet. However, new research released today has shown that computerised brain training could lower the likelihood of ...

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Diabetes diet cure REVEALED: Snacking on THIS food could REDUCE severity of symptoms

Diabetes affects 415 million adults worldwide, including 4.5 million in the UK. Symptoms include feeling thirsty, tired, needing to go to the toilet often and having blurry vision. However, adding a popular snack to your diet could help reduce their severity. Recent research has found almonds could help sufferers of type 2 – which accounts for 90 per cent of ...

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