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Agent Orange May Be Responsible For More Veteran Deaths Than The Government Is Willing To Recognize

HOUSATONIC, Mass. ― It’s been three years since Kate Naylor lost her husband, Pete, after his short battle with esophageal cancer. The disease moved swiftly. Pete, a stone mason who lived in Housatonic, Massachusetts, began having difficulty swallowing in the fall of 2014. He was diagnosed just after the new year, in early January 2015. By April, he was dead ...

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Why Doesn't Anyone on Westworld Recognize Bernard as Arnold?

Back before Westworld opened to the public, Arnold Weber—who invented this technology alongside Dr. Robert Ford—killed himself to stop the park from opening and his creations becoming trapped in a tourist hell. It didn’t work, and Westworld became a massive corporate draw for 30 years, where wealthy assholes would travel to act out their basic animal instincts on unsuspecting humanoid ...

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