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What Marvel's Kevin Feige Really Thinks About Black Panther

It’s easy to see why Feige has such high praise for Black Panther. Thematically speaking, it’s almost certainly the best Marvel movie. It feels like it has something to say, and in an age when most superhero blockbusters typically fall short in this area, Black Panther a breath of fresh air. The film also boasts some truly impressive world-building, costumes, ...

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Meet 'Black Panther's Badass Women of Wakanda: 'I'm Really Proud to Be With Them' (Exclusive)

“Finally! We have been waiting, right?” Angela Bassett proclaimed on the purple carpet ahead of Black Panther’s world premiere. “Has there ever been so much anticipation for a movie?” she asked, rhetorically, as she then immediately answered her own question: “No. Not ever.” Black Panther, the latest installment in Marvel’s cinematic universe and the first with a black superhero in ...

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