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Mumps breakout: Rates of DEADLY viral infection on rise – even in VACCINATED adults

Mumps is a contagious viral infection that has traditionally been associated with children. However it’s possible to develop it when you are older – and rates in adults are on the rise. In the UK there have been spikes in recent years, according to Public Health England figures, while in the United States cases last year reached their highest for ...

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Cancer warning: Rates of disease increasing in THESE countries – does the UK make top ten?

Cancer affects 14 million people around the world each year, but rates are rising more in some countries over others for a surprising reason. Researchers have discovered that rates are rising in the world’s ‘better’ countries more than the world’s ‘worse off’ countries. A study by the University of Adelaide found that nations with greater access to healthcare – such ...

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World’s “better” countries have higher rates of cancer

The world’s “better” countries, with greater access to healthcare, experience much higher rates of cancer incidence than the world’s “worse off” countries, according to new research from the University of Adelaide. Researchers say this is the result of relaxed “natural selection”, because modern medicine is enabling people to survive cancers, and their genetic backgrounds are passing from one generation to ...

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Researchers examine whether religion influences rates of cervical cancer screening

By Leslie Shepherd Immigrant and refugee women are consistently less likely to have had a recent screening for cervical cancer than women born in Canada. In particular, women from South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, regions where Islam is prevalent, are less likely to be up to date on cervical cancer screening than both Canadian-born women and women ...

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