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Taylor Swift Shares Songwriting Process in New 'Gorgeous' Video Diary — Watch!

Pop stars are often maligned for their lack of songwriting chops, but Taylor Swift isn’t your run-of-the-mill singer and she’s not afraid to prove it! The 27-year-old artist released a new behind-the-scenes video diary, detailing her work writing the hit single “Gorgeous” from her new album, Reputation, which drops on Nov.10. The 11-minute clip, released as part of her AT&T series, offers an intimate glimpse into Swift’s ...

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Taylor Swift Shows Off Her Costume Process for Her ‘Sarcastic Trip Down Memory Lane’ in 'LWYMMD' Music Video

She then sat with a group of extras who wore her looks, quipping, “This is BMI Awards when I bleached my hair. That was a fun phase, wow.” Swift also picked up a giant golden sun necklace, joking, “It’s really important to wear subtle jewelry in music videos.” At the end of the day, the singer was pleased to be ...

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News: Ryanair seeks to process most passenger cancellation claims by Friday

Ryanair today has offered passengers an update on its progress at working through the cancellation of 2,100 of its 103,000 flights over the next six weeks. The low-cost carrier has revealed it expects to have re-accommodated over 175,000 customers on other Ryanair flights – over 55 per cent of affected customers. All 315,000 customers affected have now received an email ...

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CANCER BREAKTHROUGH: New process which can trigger death of cancer cells DISCOVERED

The new method of killing cancer cells – called Caspase Independent Cell Death (CICD), led to the complete eradication of tumours in experimental models. Currently most anti-cancer therapies, which include chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy, work by killing cancer cells through a process called apoptosis. This process activates proteins called caspases, leading to cell death. But in apoptosis, therapies often fail ...

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Research finds cancer hijacks natural cell process to survive

Cancer tumours manipulate a natural cell process to promote their survival suggesting that controlling this mechanism could stop progression of the disease, according to new research by the Universities of Birmingham and Oxford. Non-sense mediated decay (NMD) is a natural physiological process that provides cells with the ability to detect DNA errors called nonsense mutations. It also enables these cells ...

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