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Sex warning: Having diabetes could trigger THIS problem in the BEDROOM

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing health conditions in the UK, and affects one in every 16 people. If left untreated or poorly managed it could lead to a number of complications. These commonly include heart disease, stroke, nerve damage, foot problems and diabetic retinopathy, according to the NHS. However, there is a lesser-known side-effect of diabetes – sexual ...

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The Simpsons Has an Apu Problem. Here's How to Fix It.

When Hari Kondabolu, a comedian and filmmaker, encountered The Simpsons character Apu for the first time he was eight years old and thrilled to see someone like himself on TV. In the ’90s, no one looked like him on television (with the exception, perhaps, of a cab driver here and there). A brown character on primetime TV, on a show ...

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Hollywood's man problem may be a matter of simple math

For all of the hand-wringing over what enabled movie producer Harvey Weinstein’s bad behavior for decades, the answer likely lies in the numbers. Mathematically, Hollywood has a man problem. Men overwhelmingly dominate nearly every portion of Hollywood, from movie sets to the corporate suites. Of the 100 top-grossing movies released last year, only five were directed by women, according to ...

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Insomniac Wants To Make Sunset Overdrive 2, But There's A Problem

The issue, however, is that Sunset Overdrive was a story-oriented action game, focused mostly on a single-player adventure campaign with a secondary multiplayer mode that didn’t really stand out enough to warrant a lot of attention. A lot of companies these days are more concerned with multiplayer, as evident with the growing surge of Battle Royale-style games such as Playerunknown’s ...

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