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Nolte — #OscarSoRapey: Harassers, Enablers Prepare to Celebrate Themselves This Awards Season

Kate Winslet creeps me out. Sorry, but she just does, and has for more than a decade. In her unyielding quest for Oscar gold, Winslet’s first stop was Little Children (2006), a wicked, self-important little movie that *yawn* attacks the suburbs and actually asks us to side with a child molester (played by Jackie Earle Haley), who is a “victim” ...

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Prepare To Never Sleep Again After Watching The New American Horror Story Opening Titles

What terrible thing did we do to deserve the most unsettling opening credits in American Horror Story history? Oh wait. Mystery solved. With the September 5 premiere of American Horror Story: Cult looming, FX just dropped the anticipated main titles sequence. A staple of the AHS franchise, this installment’s opening is especially stomach-churning. From creepy-cr… News

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