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NHS ON THE BRINK: Doctors struggling with rising demand and ageing population

Experts from across the NHS agree with the findings, saying that without urgent investment patient safety is at risk. More than 1,500 doctors across England, Wales and Northern Ireland responded to a survey suggesting the crisis in care has reached its nadir. Responses to the RCP NHS Reality Check Update 2018 show 84 per cent think the workforce is demoralised ...

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Can Gerard Be Stopped From Wiping Out Teen Wolf‘s Supernatural Population?

Gerard wasn’t kidding around when he adopted the “kill them all” mantra. The latest episode of Teen Wolf showed us just how determined the old man is to obliterate the supernatural population — and his vendetta is going beyond Beacon Hills. When Scott and Malia stumbled upon Gerard’s trophy room — and a few key body parts belonging to both Jiang ...

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